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MaxComm Realty Advisors - Mark Kolke

Calgary's downtown office leasing market is comprised of two primary areas:
- Central Business District (CBD) or 'the core'
- Beltline/Mission

Central Business District - quick facts:
- home to most major oil & gas, financial service firms, law firms and accounting firms
- +15 pedway system connects many buildings; all new buildings are required to connect to the system with bridges or provision for bridges to be built
- high-rise buildings
- storefront retail, restaurants
- indoor shopping
- served by transit bus routes and light rail transit (C-train)

- volume: 40,000,000+ sq. ft. approx. of leasable area + more than 2 million under construction

Beltine / Mission District - quick facts:
- low rise and mid-rise buildings
- adjacent (to the south) of the Central Business District, separated by railway tracks (CPR main line)
home to most major oil & gas, financial service firms, law firms and accounting firms
- minimal storefront retail, ample restaurants
- served by transit bus routes
- volume: 8,000,000 sq. ft. approx. of leasable area

Mark Kolke
MaxComm Realty Advisors / Max
Well South Star Realty 
888 - 3rd Street SW, Suite 1000, Calgary, Alberta - T2P  5C5
Phone: 403-444-6939

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Mark Kolke, Realtor™, is an Associate under contract to MaxWell South Star Realty

MaxComm Realty Advisors is a business unit of MaxComm Group - 

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