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Office space for lease in Calgary remains a challenge to find, especially on short notice.  For large requirements and needs a few months away we are usually able to find a suitable range of qualifying options to help our clients weigh competing options and enter into a competitive negotiation.

On the other hand, if the requirement is small or more immediate - the options are often fewer, the spectrum of choice is often limited and competition can often be fierce.  Our objective in representing clients is to negotiate effectively in their best interest without caving to landlord demands. This is not so much science as it is a melding of experience, market knowledge and relationships.

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Were your taxes too high this year?

Of course they were!

But, are they unfair? Or incorrectly assessed?
The city budget, mill rate and decisions of city council are things the Assessment Appeal process cannot address, but . . . if you think your Assessment for Business Tax or Property Tax is incorrect, not reflective of correct market values or simply too high, then maybe I can help you.

Most people don't know if they have a good case or how to advance it.

So, how do you know what the grounds are, what the jurisdiction of the Assessment Review process really is?

Which issues affecting value do you have grounds to appeal, and are those issues within the jurisdiction of the Assessment Review panel?

Everyone has an opinion about taxes and assessments. Rarely have I met anyone who says their assessment or tax bill is too low. Appeals, to be successful, require grounds, evidence and proper presentation to assessors and the Assessment Review hearing.

Maybe I can help. The important questions in terms of whether an appeal makes sense in terms of time, effort and money - is how much could you save and what will it cost you to appeal? And, is it worth it? How does it work?

Some important questions to consider:
How do you know if taxation is fair?

When is it time to think about appealing your 2013 commercial property tax assessment?

When is it time to think about appealing your 2013 business tax assessment?

When is it time to think about appealing your 2013 residential property tax assessment?

The City of Calgary Assessment Notice will come out in January 2013. You could wait until then. You could file quickly your appeal within the 30 day notice period. Or you could miss it completely.

Why would you appeal your 2013 taxes? :

  • because you might be paying too much

How do you know - if you have a case, if your evidence is relevant, how the process works?

How do I get Mark Kolke/MaxComm Realty Advisors to act for me, to handle my assessment appea?:

  • call me to discuss it
  • engage my services to act for you to appeal the assessment as your agent
  • if your are planning a 2013 appeal, plan ahead - and don't forget to file on time

What does it cost to appeal my assessment?

  • the appeal filing fee (these vary widely), +
  • retainer to handle the appeal ($200 - $500)depending on complexity of the appeal +
  • 1/3rd of the 1st year tax savings if appeal is successful, + GST .. of course
  • ... retainer and filing fee to be paid prior to filing the appeal

The time, in my view, to discuss your 2013 Assessment Appeal is not in January when the clocking is ticking down on the filing deadline, but well in advance of that. I invite you to call me at your convenience to review your situation.

  • phone: 403-444-6939
  • fax: 403-454-0084

Thank you for your attention,

Mark Kolke